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Enhanced Global Commerce - Transparency Enhancing Global Commerce Through Transparency and Accountability

The Case for Transparency and Accountability
Nations that establish fairness, transparency and accountability initiatives and a "transparency culture" encourage international investment while assuring citizens of fair value for their resources and the protection of their environment. Global companies know that the risks of their potential investments are much lower when fairness, transparency and accountability are well established. Companies that know that they will be treated fairly in a competitive environment and will be able to operate according to consistent, fair practices are more likely to consider investments, especially in riskier conflict and post-conflict countries.

"Our company's Board of Directors would never have approved bidding for this oil and gas tender had it not been for The Marx Group's presence in the tender process,"
H. K., Director of Development

The Marx Group transparency model is unique in its integrated, process-based approach. For example, when applied to a natural resource tender such as oil shown in the Figure below, the model links all tender participants, the legal and regulatory tender framework, and all tender processes, controls and accountability -- and spans tender process development, implementation and validation.

Transparency Development Model

To view a sample Tender process with integrated transparency, click here.

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