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Foreign Assistance Enhancing Foreign Assistance 

The Case for Transparency and Accountability in Foreign Assistance
Increasingly, for Western governments that provide foreign assistance to nations, or the World Bank and other global organizations who fund projects in developing and conflict countries, transparency is an  important condition in the management of assistance funds. Often, these nations are rated high for the perception of corruption by Transparency International as they do not have the legal and regulatory framework, operational processes and standards to implement transparency, and corruption is accepted as a condition of doing business.

Example of increasing call for transparency: The Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act contemplated by the U.S. Congress calls for stronger monitoring and evaluation guidelines and greater transparency of programs.

The Marx Group transparency model is well suited to these needs as it works within the existing legal framework by supplementing laws and regulations with integrated transparency processes and controls that are tailored to local customs and norms. The model, when validated and enforced by real-time observations, creates disincentives for corruption and improves transparency, fairness and accountability. To learn more about The Marx Group model for transparency, email us at .


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